Frequently Asked Questions - Organizational Mastery

We do our best to anticipate your questions and provide you with information that will allow you to make an informed decision. Please, if you do not find the information you need or would simply prefer to speak with someone about our offers please call us for a one-on-one conversation: (707) 778-6505

Questions about Organizational Mastery
Can participants receive coaching as part of the programs?

We offer executive and personal coaching for individuals either as part of an ongoing organizational program, or as a service to individuals. For individuals not connected to a program, the most effective structure for coaching is to purchase a quarterly package. We will coach the individual in three-month segments with clear promises in regard to outcomes. We have many very skilled coaches both on Strozzi Institute staff, and as Strozzi Institute Associates. Please contact Strozzzi Institute for more information.

Do you offer training only at Strozzi Institute, or will SI travel to the organization for training?

We do both. We have a beautiful site here in Sonoma County, California, that can facilitate groups up to 35, and other local sites that can accommodate more. There have been organizations as far away as the UK that bring groups here due to the ambience of our location. We often do events on-site or retreat sites selected by organizations. We are very willing to travel to your location.

What is the cost?

Due to the custom nature of our programs, cost can be different from project to project. Things to be considered are length of training, number of participants, location (travel time), and design considerations. We also take into consideration budgetary restrictions. Please contact us for a conversation related to your organization.

Are the results sustainable?

Our programs in organizations are an investment, not an expense. We are not another “training manual” on the bookshelf. The skills and abilities we teach are immediately available to participants to use at work. Through ongoing practice in the workplace in the midst of day-to-day activities, the level of competency of the skills learned continually increases over time.

Recurrent practice is the path to mastery. We suggest recurrent training over time to produce the highest levels of excellence.

What is the difference between Strozzi Institute’s leadership training and other leadership training?

The difference is in our method of training. Our programs use an embodied learning approach. This is different than a more cognitive approach that is widely used in the training world. We know that taking in the whole person as a vehicle for change will produce more effective and sustainable change for individuals and organizations. Embodied learning is experiential in nature, using all of ourselves in the process. With this approach, people gain new skills and abilities, not just good ideas.

Do you have standard trainings, or can I get a customized training?

Most of our organizational work is custom designed. We can organize a one-day to a multi-conference training over months for you. We can bring in one of our standard public courses directly into your organization. We also offer several standard trainings that can be shifted to fit the needs and concerns of the client.

In what areas of organizational training does Strozzi Institute work?

Our approach is built on the pioneering work of Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler whose in-depth studies in psychology, linguistics, philosophy, martial arts, and somatics results in a methodology that develops leaders who are confident, centered, authentic, and skillfully execute on their commitments. Our programs have demonstrated that leadership is a skill that can be learned, embodied, practiced and integrated within our lives and organizations. We are recognized for developing leaders that inspire trust and galvanize people into action - leaders people want to follow because they are inspired and mobilized by them, not because they are told to follow.

Aside from personal leadership, we collaborate and assist organizations in team building, effective communication, accountability, trust, commitment, grounded assessment practices, efficient action meetings, and in-house and out-of-house customer satisfaction.

Strozzi Institute has developed and delivered innovative programs in leadership development and team building for over 35 years. We bring to organizations the expertise to develop effective and efficient coordination between individuals and teams. This is a focus on day-to-day activities which, when done well, increase productivity, engagement, accountability, trust, and clear communication – ultimately affecting the bottom line of the organization.