About Strozzi Institute

Purposeful mission, powerful results, spectacular setting

Strozzi Institute’s mission is to produce leaders who embody pragmatic wisdom, skillful action and grounded compassion.

Our programs teach people how to identify barriers and change behaviors, and help them to embody new skills and abilities. Through focused inquiry and practice, they learn to align their actions with their values, so they can more fully realize their personal and professional goals. Thousands of individuals, males and female, young and old, from CEOs to psychologists to social activists have benefited from Strozzi institute programs since 1995.

The methods we teach are grounded in a long study and practice of ancient wisdom traditions, martial arts, western psychology, business practices and several body-related disciplines by our founder, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD. We encourage you to read more about our methodology.

Strozzi Institute conference site is located on a 13-acre ranch in Sonoma County in Northern California, about an hour north of San Francisco. The site was created to provide a place of training and coaching in the somatic method for executives, teams, business leaders, managers and individuals. The serene, natural setting is a peaceful retreat environment, and our facilities include a traditional martial arts dojo-style conference room, various indoor and outdoor class spaces and simple, comfortable dining facilities. Organizations have sent people from around the world to benefit from our programs at our beautiful site.

For over four decades we have built an outstanding reputation in the field of personal transformation, organizational leadership, and professional coaching and consulting. Our commitment towards exemplary leadership also includes social responsibility, diversity, and being of social benefit. This is transformational work grounded in the path of somatics.

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